Wales v Georgia – Brother v Brother?

Wales/Cymru are playing Georgia in the World Cup Rugby today (11am UK time) and there are a few interesting historical things to think about when looking at Georgia.

Obviously the name comes from George and seems to be the same George as the English take as their patron saint. He also has the same coat-of-arms of the red cross on the white (‘silver’ in heraldic terms) background – .

This is the same coat-of-arms that Joseph of Arimathea is supposed to have presented to the anicent British King Gwyrddion who W&B says is the most likely source of the real ‘Saint George’. Killing a dragon ties in with the religious wars he was involved in.

It is also interesting to notice that yellow lions are featured on the Georgian emblem which would tie in with the theory of the links with the Biblical House of Judea and the lion that that signified them.


Georgia also play rugby of course. They have moved over to modern rugby from an traditional (Crazy) sport they play which involves moving a very heavy ball from one place to another and it is a contest usually between the young men of 2 villages. This seems to be quite specific to this region.

Georgia is on the Black Sea where the Cymric are said to have migrated from and it seems very likely that when some migrated to Wales/Britain – some also migrated around the Black Sea.

E.O. Gordon (Prehistoric London 1914) says that Crimea is a corruption of Cymru for example.

They also have a curious tradition of choir singing and like WAles also have claims to being the first Christian country in the world.

So maybe a game between long-separated kindred folk?
Having watched the U16’s of my local village play the next village yesterday with mass brawls and the fierce rivalry that has passed through the generations still running strong the links with Georgia are no excuse for Cymru not to give them a good hammering! LOL

Georgia are a tough bunch though.

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