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    Ross Broadstock

    This courtesy of Peter Smith on the Facebook group. Peter also shared some pics from his trip if you follow this link-
    Peter’s pics on Facebook

    The archeological evidence, and Natchez oral history shows that they arrived here in the 6th century. No indication of where they came from. They do not have a chief. They have a king. They lived in thatched round houses, built in a fortified enclosure, on a hilltop or mound.

    They were very well documented by the French and Spanish. In the 1930s, Mary Haas located two Natchez speakers, and recordings were made. The recordings presently reside at the University library of Michigan. I will try to obtain a copy. The language is described as Muskogean, which is unique to the southeast, (where Madoc landed).

    Here is a photo of comparisons between Natchez, Mandan, and British of the same periods. They worship a winged serpent. Look at the serpent. Look familiar?

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