There were no giants in Britain

Until around 1790 the ancient traditional histories of Britain were firmly believed and published.  The first was the tradition that the Geuantes – Gutian lead by Albyne had sailed with a fleet from Syria around 1600BC, to sieze the great Tin Island of Britain.  This is evidenced from the sudden emergence of a remarkable metal working culture in Southern England and Wales which archaeologists have called the Wessex culture.  The second migration was that of Brutus who sailed from Trojan Western Asia Minor in circa 504BC and again another new advanced metal working culture erupted as if out of nowhere in Britain.  The archaeologists prove what the “historians” deny.  Overland migrations – probably of tribal groups are also mentioned in the records, but the two main organized large scale military migrations, which were fixed in the British mind were those of Albyne and Brutus.

These British histories were arbitrarily abandoned in England during the 18th and 19th centuries.  The Albyne migration was thought to involve giants – a simple misreading of Geauntes – Gutians and without evidence.  The Brutus tradition was ridiculed as it involved the surviors of the wreck of the Trojan War , an academic opinion was that the city of Troy never actually existed and was instead a fairy tale place which had existed only in the imigination of Melesigenes – “Homer”.  The fact that the groups known as the Ealde Cyrcenas – Old Syrians are listed in early Medieval manuscripts, and the name Surrey is traceable in foreign ancient texts as still existing, seems not to have been noticed.  As for Brutus the Great Grandson of Aeneas the evidence is overwhelming as is the evidence fo the Trojan War of c650 BC once British records are understood.  The even more embarrassing point that is equally ignored is that several other ancient authors were credited with writing versions of the “Iliad” and some before Homer.

It has to be understood that until very recently almost every top position in every bureaucratic or public organization in Wales was held by an Englishman.  When the job was not held by an Englishman it was inevitably a stray Scot or Irishman, several successive directors of the Welsh National Museum of Wales were English.  Even the first Cardiff City Marketing Manager was a Scot, and he was replaced by an American.  Local knowledge was apparently unnecessary.  The disasters of the Archaeology Department fo Cardiff University that crippled research of the ancient British-Welsh Kings and deliverately misdirected academia out of Wales was accomplished by a succession of Enlishmen.  Mortimer Wheeler who had zero interest in Wales, and then by Leslie Alford for 19 years who had no qualification in Archaeology whatsoever, and then by the academically ludicrous Professor WH Manning who is a Chemist with no archaeological qualification.  It goes on and on and on in every field even down to low level jobs, and the prevalent saying in the late 1980’s and 1990’s “you cannot get a job in Wales if you are Welsh.”  It was like living in an English African colonial state.

If the history of a nation is arbitrarily abandoned then something else has to take its place to fill the void.  The something else was the invention of “British barbarism”.  The massed array of evidence exhibiting that the British were a technically advanced, literate, cultured, and well ordered nation, was simply thrown aside.  British victories over the Romans were translated as defeats, and barbaric piratical attacks by the Romans on yet another civilised group of nations was disguised as bringing Roman order to Barbarians.


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  1. Dw i ddim yn siŵr, you know…

    In his book History And Antiquities Of Allerdale Ward (1842), Samuel Jefferson mentions an account of a giant found on the coast at St. Bees’ Head in Cumberland. He writes, “In the library of the Dean and Chapter of Carlisle is the following curious account of the discovery of a giant in St. Bees” as follows;

    “A true report of Hugh Hodson, of Thorneway, in Cumberland to Sr. Rob Cewell (Sewell), of a giant found at St. Bees, in Cumberland, 1601. The said giant was buried 4 yards [12 ft] deep in the ground which is now a corn field. He was 4 yards and a half long [13.5 ft tall], and was in complete armour: his sword and battle-axe lying by him. His sword was two spans broad [1.5 ft] and more than 2 yards [6 ft] long. The head of his battle axe a yard long and the shaft of it all of iron as thick as a man’s thigh and more than 2 yards long [6 ft]. His teeth were 6 inches long, and 2 inches broad; his forehead was more than 2 spans and a half [1.875 ft] broad. His chin bone could containe 3 pecks of oatmeal [just over 27 kilograms]. His armour, sword, and battle axe, are at Mr. Sand’s of Redington [Rottington] and at Mr. Wyber’s, at St. Bees. – Thomas Machel (Machel MSS. Vol. VI.)”

    … I did contact one of the locals but, sadly, they knew nothing of their whereabouts today!

    ~ Karen 🙂

  2. There were probably giants in the UK and around the world, but this possibility is certainly much older than the time around Troy. Mudfossil “Academy” chemistry expert, Roger Spurr (he is on facebook), in the US is tracking down these prehistoric things, and he can detect highly enlarged and fossilized organs of large humanoid creatures anywhere in the world. These are the giants of the past, who turned to stone by a devastating catastrophe. This possibly happened even before the time of Atlantis.

    Moni 🙂

    1. Ross Broadstock

      Fair comment. Just because the comment made by Brutus fighting the Geantes was mistranslated into giants does not mean that there were no giants.

  3. One of the things I find fascinating about dinosaurs is the fact there is no way that a lot of them, especially the massive ones, would have been able to physically survive in our current gravitational atmosphere. This opens up the Velikovsky theory about (electrical) planetary interactions creating an upheaval in the memory of not-so-ancient man. I wonder therefore, if an electrical reset increased gravity just enough to create an atmosphere that literally crushed the gigantic beasts lungs. I personally believe the age of dinosaurs was not that long ago and men coexisted among them, along with other ‘mythical beasts’ that are in the collective human psyche. Perhaps ‘humans’ were much larger also before the electric field changed, but not big enough for new levels of gravity to kill them off before they could evolve (shrink) and adapt to new atmospheric conditions.

    This is pure speculation of course, but suppose there was a collision of the worlds which caused havoc on earth physically, but also electrically/gravitationally. Perhaps larger human ancestors survived and then began to adapt in height with each generation, certainly many of the early writers refer to the physical stature of Noah and his sons.

    Interestingly, think this may provide insight into a Hittite/Wessex/Albion culture in Wales?

    Mount Lebanon, also known as the Lebanon Mountains, the ancient name for which was Libanus. (this region was under Hittite control in ancient times)

    Libanus, Powys, a village in the Brecon Beacons National Park, in the county of Powys, Wales, United Kingdom.

    Why would a village by the Black mountains in Wales be named after mountains in the Lebanon in Hittite times?


    1. Thanks for the points.
      The migration to Britain under Albeyne around 1700BC provides the link with Libanus and I would recommend checking out one of Alan Wilson’s presentations on Youtube as he provides great detail on this part of the history and the links with the Middle-East and the Hittites.
      Interesting points about Velikovsky. It does throw a lot of the conventional dating out of the window and allows for dinosaurs and humans co-existing. Something that you might also want to think about is that with under present day ‘gravitational’ conditions many of the large dinosaurs would not be able to stand never mind walk.
      Going with the electrical theory for the universe the way in which planets are formed has been questioned and the new theory is that planets are expanding and the pull to them increasing. So in theory humans could have been larger as well which is similar to your point.
      From Velikovsky and the latest electric universe theories it would also seem that these events were thousands of years ago rather than the 63 million years ago we are told that dinosaurs were extant.
      Sorry for the slow reply – I have not been receiving notifications and will fix it not to miss more comments.

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